4 Best Ways to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

When Facebook was created in 2004, no one anticipated how quickly it grew over a billion users. What started as a mean to connect among college students, it has further evolved connecting over 2 billion people to local businesses in United States alone as stated by Dan Levy, Director of Small Business at Facebook.

There is no deny that Facebook is one of the best platforms to promote your business. However, this has effects on businesses due to its saturation, making it difficult for your company to shine.

So, here are several tips to help grow your Facebook business page:

Collaborate with Social Media Influencer

If you have been following me awhile, you know that I’m a huge fan of collaborations. It is the best form of PR strategy available to us since the giant bubble of social media. It is great for customer retention, loyalty and acquiring referrals and all that can be achieved at low cost if implemented properly.

Now, there are so many available influencers that cater to many different target audience. Determining the right influencer is always the most important step here. Most businesses do not have the proper selection methods. I found they are mostly based on the highest amount of followers and Likes the influencers have.

For example, if it were in the early days of Facebook, these might have worked to some extend. But not these days since those can be purchased. Believe me when I say that there are a lot of influencers out there who do these things – STILL. It is easy to spot these types of influencers – you simply have to observe the influencers’ comments section and determine whether the amount and authenticity of the conversations are legit. It is easy to figure that the comments and conversations are falsified or spammed.

Figuring out whether they are suitable for your target market requires some work. Look at what the influencers normally post or blog about. If it is in line with what your business is involved in, kaching! If you are not sure, you can simply send a personalized message to them asking the right questions.

There are few ways to do the collaboration. The easiest (and cheapest) would definitely be to request the influencer to post the photo that you have prepared on a specific time which you feel is appropriate and reaches the full potential of engagement. Some form of fees will be in order (or if it’s a friendly party, you can always negotiate to lower the charges or for FREE).

Next method would be to send your products to them and request them to post updates on their page accordingly. Some businesses would feel this is too costly for them but I feel it is the best method since the influencer can include their own genuine personal experience from using the product which can definitely help the amount of engagement of the post update. Just be sure to set up an agreement contract for the proposed collaboration.

Sponsor Events or Activities

If you’ve spent enough time on Facebook, you’ll realize from Facebook Groups you’ve created or joined will often have members requesting for sponsorships for activities. Why not your business too?

Take from my experience for example, Mirsky Mode is an ecommerce business importing designer brand products. This is perfect for fashion bloggers, models, fashion influencers and photographers for us to offer sponsorships of our products.

My favorite tip would be to approach the photographers or creative directors since these people normally organize photoshoots which normally require sponsorships of clothing, shoes, fashion accessories for the sessions. These photoshoots also involve makeup artist, stylist and hair stylist which you can also invite to help promote your business. Request them to refer your business on their Facebook pages and other platforms as well.

Just keep in mind to have an agreement in papers as I did experience working with some dishonest influencers and took them a while to promote my brand on their pages. I could not do much as I was naive enough to feel they would honor their promises without agreement.

Join Groups, Like and Leave Comments

Joining Facebook groups which your business can relate to is a no brainer. Do your research on groups which can help further expose your business. If you own a local business, then it is best to join with local facebook community and groups. Some groups require approval from the moderator – which you can contact per say your request is declined.

It is always important to communicate with the group members. What I mean is to don’t just leave a Like on every post and then hope that a large stream of traffic flows into your site. Leave a comment on the post. Start conversations. Tag your friends or a group member you’ve just known to get the conversations more lively. You can even start a poll debating on A vs B getting more attention to your business along the way.

Facebook Ads

Although I do not deny its importance, I still feel it is best to avoid much marketing for small businesses in the early stage. It’s expensive and even if the stats show great engagement in the targeted group, it is still difficult to explain why it does not bring sales proportionately. Having said that, it is the reason why I’ve listed it as a last resort.

Enough of pessimism, let’s get on with it. Facebook Ads can be a valuable tool when all else fails, or if you feel you need to increase sales. What I like about Facebook Ads are its options. You are given the options to set focus your ads in a particular area(s), to a specific age group, groups with particular interests etc. Also, it is great for small businesses as it allows you to invest a minimum of RM1 daily for the ad in return for good number of Page Likes.

If you visit the Facebook Insight, it gives you more in depth details on your page viewers in the aspects of age distribution, demographics to ‘when your viewers are online’ just to name a few. These are among favorites to look at to enable you prepare the best ad for future referencing. Check it out and you will find more data than you can possibly imagine which can be derived for future ads or updates.  

My Final Two Cent

Just keep in mind, getting as much Facebook Likes do not carry much weight these days. It is about getting the most post engagements that you should be pursuing and there are no paid solution or app that could help with such, to my knowledge. In order to increase the engagement, you should be prepared to work hard and be creative on every post updates; and to organize collaborations with the right people.

Final note, I’d also like stress out the importance of becoming relatable with your audience. Whilst it is okay to sell on Facebook, be more relatable to the consumers. Separate yourself from the rest of the competition and people will start paying more attention to you.


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