4 Cost-Effective PR Strategies to Help Grow Your Online Business.

Back in the 2014, I found marketing and advertising are just too expensive for my Mirsky Mode startup. The traditional marketing was definitely out of the question due to high competition from well-established companies. Even online marketing and advertising require large sum of investment for it to be effective. Still, I don’t feel the ROI was enough for my startup.

Then, I found public relations (PR) strategies. It has the ability to be cost-effective if applied carefully. Having reflected on these, I have decided to share with you 4 cost-effective strategies to help grow your online business:

  1. Introduction
  2. Social Media Influencers Collaborations.
  3. e-Magazine (Invite for Interview/Promo on Website)
  4. Write Articles  
  5. Social Event (CSR)
  6. My Final Two Cent

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5 Great Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Online

5 Great Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Online.

In 2003, Harvard Business Review wrote how loyal customers are much more profitable than other customers. The article reported loyal customers are prone to buying from you more often, they cost less to serve and most important of all, they provide the highest quality of feedback.

Whilst all these are good, small businesses still struggle to obtain the creme’ de’ la creme of their customers. Here, we take a look at five effective ways to build your customers’ loyalty:

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3 Easy Ways to Showcase Your Product’s Quality Online

Showcasing your product online is a crucial element of great online content. Since consumers find it difficult to visualize the product online, it becomes your priority to invest more resources on ensuring the message does not get lost.

Whilst hiring online content manager is a recommended solution, most startups simply could not afford to do so due to their ridiculous rate, giving established businesses the upper hand.

All that said, I sat down and reflected on it. Here are 3 cost-effective methods to showcase your brand’s service online:

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4 Ways to Make Your Online Business Stand Out than The Rest

4 Ways to Make Your Online Business Stand Out than the Rest

A survey reported that the average growth of e-commerce is around 25% per year, in bad times. Harris Interactive, the one conducted the survey, also revealed that 81% small businesses which have online presence reached more customers, increasing sales and profitability.

It is obvious how essential every small business should invest seriously on online presence. However, the ease of internet access has made the internet more saturated with businesses competing each other.

The question remains “How does your business stands out?” Here is a list of ways to overcome the problem.

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5 Steps to Creating Dynamic Marketing Strategies

5 Steps to Creating a Dynamic Marketing Strategy

It is relatively easy to create marketing plan, just pick the market & product focus, set up objectives and run the campaign. However, if you are willing to add a little more effort and learn, you will be able to create a dynamic marketing plan to help improve your brand. For this article’s purpose, I’d like to use example of my designer bag brand Mirsky Mode as it is easier to follow.

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7 Reasons You Should Focus on Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are a result of consistent positive emotional connection provided by your business. This leads to customer retention which, obviously increase your company’s profits.

Apart from increase in sales, here are 7 more reasons why you should focus on customer loyalty:

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